The format is a modified team match-play. Each flight of each team plays every hole in that day’s format. Day 1 is a best-ball format, Day 2 is modified alternate shot, Day 3 is singles matches. Each hole is worth 2 points. Winning a hole is worth 2-points, a half is worth 1-point and a loss of a hole is worth 0-points.

Teams: Each National Team is made up of 2 person teams in two age Divisions with four Flights per Division. The Senior Division is for players 55 years of age and older. The Open Division is for players under 55. A player 55 or older may play in the Open Division.

Flights: Each Division is made up of four flights based on Team Index. Each flight is as follows. Championship flight = 4.9 and under, A-flight = 5.0 to 9.9, B-flight = 10.0 to 14.9, C-flight = 15.0 and above.

Team Index: Team Index is determined by totaling the handicap index of player A and player B together and dividing it in half. Example - Player A has a 10 index and player B has a 15 index totaling 25. Divide the total of 25 in half and the team index is 12.5. That team would be in the "B" Flight.

Handicap Differential: No team can have an index differential of more than 8 points between teammates. Example - a player that is a 10 index cannot play with a player that is a 24 index, unless that player drops his index down from a 24 to an 18. 

Scoring: At the end of each match each flight totals their points. When all the flights have finished their matches the total points from each flight are added together to form an overall total for the team that day. The team with the most overall total points after the 3 days of competition wins the International King’s Cup™. In the event of a tie, the team currently holding the Cup retains the Cup.