The International King's Cup is played in honor of golfs greatest ambassador, 

Mr. Arnold Palmer

The International King's Cup is an annual Match Play Event between a team from the United States and a team from Ireland. The United States Team will be made up of the winning team in each flight at the US Golf Challenge National Qualifier. These teams will represent the United States against Ireland in a Ryder Cup Style Match Play Event


  • The USA team will consist of 12 players - 6 players from each age division, 50+ and under 50
  • The two divisions are the Open Division (any age) and the Senior Division (50+). 
  • The tournament is a 54-hole modified match play tournament. 
  • Teams will receive 2 points for winning a hole, 1 point for tying a hole, 0 points for losing a hole.
  • Teams will play all 18 holes each day and total their points at the end of each round.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the tournament will win the King's Cup for a year.
  • The format is as follows; Round one is Four Ball/Best Ball - Round two is singles. Round three is Foursomes/Alternate shot