Local Qualifiers are 18-hole Best Ball competitions as described in Rule 31 of the USGA® Rules of Golf.

Teams: Each team will consist of two members. Teams must fit one of the Divisions and Flights as described below.

Scoring: Scoring at Local Qualifiers is NET, hole by hole, so as to properly allocate strokes among teammates. The lowest net score will be that team’s score for the hole.  Each teammate will receive 80% of their course handicap. The low 30% of the field and ties will qualify for the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier™.

As the scoring is Net, there are no flights at the Local Qualifier level, unless there are 30 or more teams entered. If so, the field will be divided in two based on Team Index.

 See below for the USGC Divisions and Flights at the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier.

Divisions: There are two divisions - Open Division and Senior Division. Open Division is open to all ages. Senior Division is for Players 55 years of age and above. A Player that is 55+ is allowed to compete in the Open division, but a player that is under 55 is not allowed to compete in the Senior division.

Flights: There are four flights in each Division determined by Team Index:

Championship Flight – 4.9 and under

A Flight - 5.0 - 9.9

B Flight - 10.0 - 14.9

C Flight - 15.0 and above

Team Index: The Team Index is determined by totaling the handicap index of player A and player B together and dividing it in half. Example - Player A has a 10 index and player B has a 15 index totaling 25. Divide the total of 25 in half and the team index is 12.5. That team would be in the "B" Flight.

Handicap Differential: No team can have an index differential of more than 8 points between teammates. Example - a player that is a 10 index cannot play with a player that is a 24 index, unless that player drops his index down from a 24 to an 18. 

The USGC™ recognizes any valid USGA® index from an approved USGA® handicap provider that is verifiable online. All indexes must be current and active at the time of registration and through National Qualifier.  The USGC Rules Staff will verify all indexes.

The USGC recommends Golf Handicap Network.


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