The United States Golf Challenge™ (USGC™) Membership Program offers golfers the opportunity for discounted rates at Local Qualifier’s, the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier™ and future events planned by the USGC.  Membership is not required to participate in USGC events; however there are great savings by becoming a member.

Purpose of Membership:

The goal of the USGC Membership Program is to provide benefits and opportunities to golfers. Through the growth of the membership program it will increase sponsorship and discount opportunities saving members hundreds of dollars on event fees as well as provide additional benefits in the future.

Membership Fee:  $30 Annually

To take advantage of the discounts being offered, a player MUST pay the membership fee BEFORE registering for a Local Qualifier, USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier or any USGC run event.  If a golfer pays the membership Fee after they have already registered for a USGC event, the discounted rate would apply for the next USGC event they register for.

Discount Rate for Member’s/TEAM Rate

A Team can be made up of a member/Non-Member, Member/Member or both could be Non-Members.  ONLY those who paid the membership Fee will be able to take advantage of the discounted rate offered in USGC Events.

·         Local Qualifier’s – Discount $20/player

·         COMING in 2019 – USGC Regional Qualifier’s  - Discount $40/player

·         USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier – Discount $60/player

Team Registration

Player(s) do not need to be a member to enter a Local Qualifier, USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier or any USGC run event.