The current Rules of Golf as set forth by the USGA® will govern all play.

All participants in United States Golf Challenge (USGCTM) events are deemed to be familiar with the Rules of Golf, these Rules and Regulations and any Local Rules that may be issued from time to time.

These Rules and Regulations may be revised electronically from time to time. The most current version can be found on the USGC website at and will supersede any printed version.

Amateurs Only: The United States Golf Challenge is open ONLY to amateur golfers as defined by the United States Golf Association.

Dress Code and Player Conduct

The USGC will strictly enforce a tournament dress code with no exceptions. Collared shirts/mock turtlenecks are required, and no jeans, denims, jogging outfits, or sweat pants are permitted.

The USGC will not tolerate swearing, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, lack of golfing etiquette, or other such behavior per the USGA Rules of Golf. Such conduct will result in tournament disqualification and suspension or expulsion from the event.



Local Qualifying: 2 person teams qualify through a Local Qualifier to be eligible for the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier™ and the opportunity to make the King’s Cup™ team representing the United States.

Registering: When registering for a Local Qualifier, teams must meet the criteria for one of the Divisions and Flights as described below under USGC National King’s Cup Qualifier™. Teams may be formed by any combination of male and female participants (two men, one man and one woman, two women).

Format: The format for play in a Local Qualifier is Four-Ball stroke play as defined in Rule 31 per the USGA Rules of Golf in which two players play as partners, each playing their own ball. The lower NET score of the partners is the score for the hole. If one partner fails to complete the hole, there is no penalty.

Each Local Qualifier will be 18 holes. Scoring will be Net. Each team member will receive 80% of the course handicap.

The top 30% and ties will qualify for the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier regardless of Division or Flight.

There must be a minimum of eight teams in a Local Qualifier.

For every 15 teams in a Local Qualifier, a free entry into the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier will be awarded courtesy of Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

If a qualified team is unable to participate in the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier for any reason, the next qualified team at that local qualifying site may be invited to participate.

The USGC recognizes any official index that is current and verifiable online. For those players who do not currently have a handicap index, the USGC recommends Recreational Golf Handicap System served by

Policy on handicap changes and cheating: - In the relative short time frame between a Local Qualifier and the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier it is unlikely the any player’s index will change significantly enough to affect the competition. A team’s flight will not change from a Local Qualifier to the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier except under extraordinary circumstance.


Any team found to have misrepresented, in the sole opinion of the USGC, either an individual player’s index or the Team Index, whether inadvertent or otherwise, will be disqualified from the competition with forfeiture of all prizes and awards.

For exceptional scoring at the National Qualifier, the Committee will review the occurrence. The Committee may determine that a team did indeed have an exceptional round and that no further action is needed. The Committee may determine that a team has exceeded the general ability of their flight and will be moved up to the proper flight with a two stroke penalty. The team will still be allowed to finish the event in their new flight and eligible to receive all prizes.

Substitution: A qualified team is allowed to substitute one player for the USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier. A team member or the Local Qualifying site Host Professional must notify the USGC committee for approval if a substitution is necessary. One member of the original team must continue to participate. Substitute players are required to meet all USGA handicap and USGC guidelines.

A substitute player’s handicap index must fall within the parameters of the flight in which the team qualified i.e. a substitute with a 4.0 index is not allowed as a substitute for a team that qualified for any flight other than the Championship flight.

Host Professional: Local Qualifiers will be conducted under the direction of the Host Professional at each facility. The Host Professional or their designate will be responsible for all interpretations and rulings on the conduct of the event and such rulings shall be final.

Scoring: Each qualifying team shall be issued an official scorecard for the event and shall return same to Scorer upon completion of their round. Each player must enter an actual or estimated score on each hole as per USGA guidelines. A fellow competitor team and/or the Golf Professional Staff at the qualifying facility must attest all scores.

Once the team has turned in its scorecard and left any boundary defining the scoring area, the scorecard is considered official

Any team that is tardy to the designated scoring area by more than 10 minutes after completion of round may be disqualified.

Inclement Weather: In the event that a Local Qualifier suffers from such inclement weather, or conditions that would reasonably prohibit the completion of at least 9 holes of play, the qualifying teams will be drawn by lot.

Disqualification: Participants found violating USGA rules, tournament rules, falsifying or neglecting handicaps or otherwise engaging in conduct inconsistent with the tournament standards or spirit of fair play may be disqualified without claim or recourse of any type.


The 2019 USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier™ will be September 12-14, 2019 at the Legends Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The format will mirror the three forms of play at the King’s Cup; best-ball, alternate shot and individual stroke play over 54 holes.

GROSS scoring will determine the winning team in each of the two Divisions and four flights. The eight winning teams will make up the 2019 King’s Cup team.

Divisions: There are two divisions - Open Division and Senior Division. The Open Division is open to all ages. The Senior Division is for Players 55 years of age and above prior to their Local Qualifier. A Player that is 55+ is allowed to compete in the Open division, but a player that is under 55 is not allowed to compete in the Senior Division.

Flights: Each Division has four flights. Championship, A-Flight, B-Flight and C-Flight

Team Index:

 Championship 4.9 or less

 A Flight 5.0-9.9


 B Flight 10.0-14.9

 C Flight 15.0 and above

A Team Index is determined by totaling the handicap index of player A and player B together and dividing it in half. Example - Player A is a 10 handicap index and player B is a 15 handicap index totaling 25. Divide the total of 25 in half and the Team Handicap Index is 12.5. That team would be in the "B" Flight.

No team can have a handicap index differential of more than 8 strokes between teammates. Example - a player that is a 10 handicap index cannot play with a player that is a 24 handicap index, unless that player drops his index down from a 24 to 18. Their Team Index would be 10+18=28/2 = 14.

The USGC King’s Cup National Qualifier will be conducted by the USGC staff.


Play ball as it lies: Unless modified in writing by specific Local Rules, there will be no preferred or improved lies in any part of the competition.

Limitation on Balls: The ball each player plays must be named on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the United States Golf Association. Penalty for breach of condition: Disqualification. The responsibility of playing the proper ball rests with the player. Each player must put an identification mark on his ball and alert his fellow competitors of such. The one ball rule is NOT in effect.

Grooves: The Condition of Competition concerning grooves for elite players is NOT in effect for the United State Golf Challenge.

Tees: Qualifying golf courses for the United States Golf Challenge will naturally vary in difficulty and length. The Host Professional will make the final decisions regarding golf course set-up at each qualifying facility. It is anticipated that Open Division contestants will play a golf course of approximately 6,400-6,500 yards and Senior Division contestants will play from approximately 6,000-6,200 yards, but these lengths are guidelines only and will vary from site to site. Please check with your local qualifying site for additional information regarding course set-up and length.

Women will play from tees that are as close as practicable to the tees from which their handicap index was established.

Range Finders: Range finders conforming to the USGA® Note under Rule 14-3 are allowed. Any device that measures gradient or wind speed etc. may be used only if these features are turned off.

Electronic Devices:

CELL PHONES - A mobile phone may be used to call for rulings to the Tournament Director or Pro Shop. Any other use of a cell phone during the stipulated round will result in a penalty: First Offense - 1 stroke Second Offense – 2 strokes Third Offense – Disqualification

Use is defined as the phone vibrating or ringing audibly, the player making an outgoing call other than as allowed above or connection to the Internet.

A cell phone may be used as a range finder as long as the restrictions above are adhered to.

I-PODS/MP3 RADIOS, BOOM BOXES etc. Such devices will only be permitted on the driving range and putting green before and after tournament rounds. Such devices are not allowed during competition.


The United States Golf Challenge reserves the right to refuse entry to any player for any reason. Participants in the United States Golf Challenge are responsible for any damage or injury they cause to the golf course and/or property


of the golf course or any person(s) on the golf course property. All decisions of the United States Golf Challenge are final.